The Coop


Fast Food Restaurant Branding

The Coop is an upscale fast food restaurant in Northwest Indiana. Dog Dive teamed up with our friends over at Group7even to create the overall look and feel of the brand. When we started with the logo, we knew that Coop management was very interested in incorporating a mascot character — a sort of spokesman for the brand.

Enter Cooper the Chicken, a cheeky little cutie with a penchant for cooking and painting. A trademark of 1950s advertising, a mascot character concept leant itself to a retro inspired logo execution.

At The Coop, they use only free range chicken with no hormones, fillers or antibiotics. That’s pretty darn natural. We knew we wanted to create a brand voice and visual language just as natural. To this end, we started with the creation of a cup design and Kid’s Meal bag. We crafted playful copy and a hand-drawn style to match.

Agency: Group 7even
Roles: Creative Direction, Design, Copywriting